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Creating the Virtuoso Obbligato Aria Collection

The Virtuoso Obbligato Aria Collection is a collection of original arias from oratorio, opera and musical theater for voice, cello and keyboard. The arias have not previously appeared in any cello anthology in the original format. They were not readily available for purchase, yet appear on cello audition lists. These solos are not generally taught in the studio, but are eventually encountered through the course of one's career. Voice and cello teachers, vocal coaches, choral and opera directors, chamber music coaches, and libraries have shared how invaluable the collection has been as a research, teaching, & performance guide, and time saver. Cellists may use the collection to learn these works thoroughly, eliminating last minute anxiety before a rehearsal, performance, or audition.

The solo voice & cello parts are original settings with orchestral accompaniment in the keyboard part. Each work provides repertoire with audience appeal and satisfies an artist's role as soloist and chamber musician. The cello obbligato part is a showpiece for the cellist, not merely a typical continuo line providing only rhythmic and harmonic support for the voice. Performances of the collection have been enthusiastically received in Austria, at the Aspen Music Festival, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, Urbana, Bloomington, Peoria, and Charleston, Illinois.

January 20, 2017